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Linksys has made the claim that its new WRT3200ACM router is the fastest Dual Band router currently available on the market. The router is open-source, and cView postompatible with DD-WRT and OpenWrt. It can be customized for all kinds of networking functions, and can even be set up specifically for Voice-over-IP systems and other small office applications.

Linksys says that their Smart Wi-Fi App will also allow users to monitor usage from their smartphone at any time.

In a press release announcing the router with ‘Tri-Stream 160 technology’, the company’s product manager, Vince La Duca explained:

“We just made the WRT even more powerful, and equipped it with even more features as well as kept true to our word with Open Source support…Linksys WRT is all about making the best router in its class by using all enterprise-grade components and materials while delivering the fastest wireless experience. Our WRT3200ACM now includes MU-MIMO providing the latest AC wave 2 spec, adds DFS certification to use clear Wi-Fi channels for less interference, as well as support for Tri-Stream 160 technology. We have also increased the processor clock speed to 1.8 GHz, added up to 512MB DDR3 flash memory and kept the eSATA and USB ports WRT enthusiasts continue to appreciate.”

The Tri-Stream 160 technology mentioned by the company means that the router won’t max out at 80 MHz channel width, as most routers seem to. The new Linksys router will operate up to a 160 MHz channel width, within the 5 GHz band. So, by using three 160 MHz channel width streams, it can provide up to 2.6 Gbps speed, which is up to two times faster than most routers.

The router is available directly from Linksys for $249.99.

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