Back in August, Intel announced the performance information for its seventh generation Core processors. The new Kaby Lake processors were meant to be able to play Overwatch, which is notoriously demanding, at 1080p. Intel even said that they could decode 4K video on-chip, despite laptops and 2-in1 tablet devices getting smaller and thinner as they adopt the new range.

Today, however, we’re learning that AMD plans to take on the Kaby Lake range as of February 2017 with a range of Zen CPUs called Summit Ridge. The new CPUs will be accompanied by a new family of AM4 motherboards, to go with the brand new X370 series chipset which will be accompanying new 2016 and 2017 high-end PC setups.

The new Summit Ridge CPUs will share pin-to-pin compatibility on the AM4 socket, meaning that Bristol Ridge (the APU family) users will be able to use Summit Ridge parts.

The new AMD Summit Ridge will be the first 8-Core processor series produced by AMD that will be released to the desktop consumer market, and the new Zen CPU core is expected to offer more than a 40% increase in instructions per clock cycle, compared to the last processor series they produced.

While AMD hasn’t actually confirmed the information, Benchlife has outlined the information on their site. AMD may be hesitating to confirm the information as a result of the announcement being delayed. Many tech websites were expecting the release by the end of this year, but the delay means that the new processors would be released alongside the new X370 chipset, which will be housed on AM4 motherboards and will support DDR4 RAM.

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