American hardware and mobile device manufacturer Antec, which is also known for producing audio products, computer accessories and computer cases, has announced it is releasing the new GX1200 mid-tower chassis. The case, designed specifically for gaming rigs, offers a modern design and honeycomb front, allowing air to circulate through the system as much as possible.

The new chassis can house the latest Nvdia and AMD graphics cards, multiple hard drives and as many expansions as you need to keep your setup speedy and powerful. There’s room for a 240mm radiator at the top of the case, as well as a 120mm radiator in the back and a larger 360mm unit on the front. By allowing for three cooling radiators, Antec ensures more effective system cooling than traditional fans.

The HD audio jacks at the front means you’ll get top quality output, whether you’re using surround sound speakers or a gaming headset. There are also two USB 3.0 ports, meaning you can enjoy the vastly superior transfer speeds and leave behind the days of 2.0.

Up to three 2.5” solid state drives can be installed in the cage, as well as two 3.5 and 2.5” HDDs. Along with seven slots for expansion cards, you’ll really be able to beef up the gaming PC, and if it gets really powerful, you can add up to four 120mm fans to supplement the work of the three radiators. The open honeycomb front of the chassis really helps keep the unit running smoothly. You’ll of course only need to install extra fans if you begin using up all the expansion slots and installing more hard drives.

The Antec Magic Box allows you to adjust the fan speed between six settings, meaning you can adjust for overclocking. If you want to use the built-in lights, you’ll be able to choose between seven colors using the simple LED switch on the front of the unit.

With all this room, you’ll be able to install the latest high-end Nvidia graphics cards, or AMD’s current mid-range offerings – and when it comes to upgrading, it’s simply a matter of removing the side of the chassis and replacing your cards. It’s a great new chassis and with all that space, you’ll even be able to install VR-ready hardware. With Microsoft investing so heavily in HoloLens, it makes sense to prepare your PC for upcoming expansion cards and other hardware.

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