It has been four years since Apple truly redesigned the MacBook Pro, its high-end laptop. Now though, rumors are suggesting that Apple is planning the release of a newly redesigned MacBook Pro at its October launch event.

According to Recode, Apple will be updating the MacBook Pro line on October 27th, as well as introducing new iMacs and other possible devices.

One of the major rumors of the MacBook Pro redesign is that it will include a dynamic OLED bar at the top of the keyboard, replacing the traditional numbers and F keys, and giving users an extra touchscreen that will allow them to control whatever app they’re using at the time. It’s also suggested that the new Pro line will ditch traditional USB ports, support Touch ID for logging into the computer and making payments, and even upgrading to Thunderbolt 3.

If Apple goes along the lines of reducing the amount of ports on the machine, in the same way they have with the MacBook and iPhone 7, it will mean that Pro users will have to use more dongles to make their accessories work. While some might welcome the lightweight, slim design that comes with the move, others may be disappointed in the difficulty it might cause – especially given that the Pro line is popular with creative professionals.

The October 27th event will take place near the Apple Cupertino campus, where a number of other Apple events have been held recently. It will take place just days after its earnings report, and a Microsoft Windows 10 hardware event, where the company might announce a redesigned Surface Book.

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