At this point of time, we have a fair idea of what to expect from the iPhone, although, Apple may have some surprises up its sleeve. The good thing for potential buyers though is that Apple is finally relenting and rectifying some of their biggest bugbears.

For years, Apple customers have been complaining about paltry storage in their phones and the lack of expandable storage like that seen on countless other Android devices. This time, their complaints may have been heard, at least partially, since the iPhone 7 is expected to bump up storage significantly.

The lowest tier of storage will start out at 32GB and then progress to 128GB and a new top end 256GB for power users will be included. No expandable storage though as that would make shelling out top dollar for the higher storage iPhones less attractive.

The other major complaint that Apple has faced from its legions of users is to make them more robust. Samsung has shown the way by making its Galaxy flagship lineup water resistant so there is no reason why the undisputed kings of design at Apple cannot do the same.

Thankfully, a water resistant rating of IPX7 seems to be a lock in with respected Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also reporting the same.

This means that users will not be afraid to take their precious iPhones out the next time there is a bit of rain in the air and not have panic attacks in case they spill a glass of water onto the iPhone 7.

The third complaint that Apple is going to address is relatively more minor than the others we mentioned but equally as important. Yes, we are talking about the ghastly antenna lines running across the back of the phone which make it uglier than anything Apple has put out before.

The iPhone was revolutionary when it was released and there was nothing like it. In the years that followed a number of copycat phones came out but the iPhone stood out because of the beauty of its design and the quality of its materials. The iPhone 4 and the iPhone 5 were probably the best-looking phones ever to have been released.

With the iPhone 6 and 6S, the competition has caught up and even ‘edged’ ahead. The iPhone 7 will ditch the ugly white lines running across its back and return to a cleaner, sleeker design.

Everything considered the iPhone 7 is gearing up to be a solid upgrade to the 6S after initial fears that Apple may not have much new to offer. Getting rid of the most commonly heard complaints while building on its strength such as photography is a smart move from Apple who is fighting slowing iPhone sales in most parts of the world.

Of course, there is the small fact that a missing 3.5mm jack might just become the complaint of choice for consumers all over the world but for that we will have to wait and see!

SOURCEBoy Genius Reports
Dhruv Gupta is an avid technology buff and thinks that Robots should rule the world. He cannot wait for the self-driving revolution to get here and the IoT to make all his stuff to know what he wants before he wants it. The Singularity is near.