Apple has designed a brand new app, designed to pool together all the shows on all your favourite channels and online streaming services. The app, called TV, keeps track of all the shows you watch, across all apps that are available on Apple TV – except, it doesn’t include Netflix or Amazon.

The new app is designed to make it easier to find the shows that you love to watch, and it appears to be a much sleeker version of the app available on Roku.

In terms of usability, the new app will work with your iPad and iPhone, and it will pick up from where you left off if you open up the app on another device. So say for instance you pause the latest episode of The Walking Dead on your iPhone, you can pick up from that exact moment on your app or iPad.

Siri will even help you navigate the app, making it easier to manage your entertainment if you’re cooking in the kitchen or doing something else in the home.

All US Apple TV owners will be able to download the new app for free starting in December, but there is no official word on when it will appear in the UK or the rest of the world.

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