Chromebook eve

The Chromebook is a popular device among a wide variety of people. Hence, any news of the latest release of this device, dubbed ‘Eve,’ does garner significant interest.

A Google Assistant Button for Eve

Since the addition of Google Assistant to Chromebooks was inevitable, this news won’t really come as a surprise. In fact, the Assistant SDK is open to any manufacturer wanting to incorporate it into their devices.

The latest commit on the ‘Eve’ project points to a dedicated button for bringing up Google Assistant.

Special keyboard mapping for Eve project. The keyboard has an extra
“Assistant” key.

Chromium repository

This clearly indicates the addition of a certain key mapping to call up the Assistant. Although the exact key combination is still unknown, this commit does almost confirm the existence of Google Assistant on Chromebooks.


The website keeps close tabs on Chromebook ‘Eve’ development using repository commits to identify features and changes. They originally brought this commit to everyone’s attention.

How does it Matter?

Well, the addition of Google Assistant to Chromebook would definitely bring a lot of new features to the device. However, the exact way in which Chromebook would implement Assistant is unclear. The extent of its capabilities will become clearer once someone can identify its permissions and any API options for third-party developers.

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Double Tap for Eve?

The Double Tap feature of the Chromebook Pixel (2015) might find its way to the Chromebook. However, the key word here is ‘might.’ The commit was dug up by and can be found here.

Although the feature is a definite lifesaver, for example when you don’t want to open up your laptop to check battery levels, the absence of a Lightbar on ‘Eve’ similar to the Pixel begs the question – what will the double tap do?

This commit hints at the fact that the double tap might instigate an LED pattern of sorts. But again, the lack of solid information makes it hard to find out exactly what the plan could be.


All the information has been interpreted using various commits on the ‘Eve’ project on the Chromium website. Hence, the interpretations and the actual product could differ wildly. Nonetheless, informed guessing is what we are left with, until more concrete information finds its way into the outside world.
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