Credits: EKWB

EK Water Blocks, known for its liquid cooling systems, has today announced that it is drastically reducing the prices of some of its most popular products. EK-XLC Predator AiO liquid cooling units will now be more competitively priced, making them a fantastic option for hardware enthusiasts on a budget.

In a press release, EK Water Blocks announced that the following units will have their prices slashed:

– EK XLC Predator 360 with QDC
– EK XLC Predator 240 with QDC
– EK CLX Predator 240

The Predator 240 will be reduced to 169.95 EUR (down from 243.94 EUR), the Predator 240 with QDC reduces to 199.95 EUR (down from 268.34 EUR), and the Predator 360 with QDC now costs just 299.95 EUR (down from 292.75 EUR). This means that prices have been slashed by upwards of 40%, making this both a surprise and welcome news for EK fans.

The QDC – Quick Disconnect Coupling – is a new system developed by EK that has no spill connector, allowing the user to expand their cooling system with additional blocks. Units no longer need to be drained whenever they are amended, making it ideal for people who intend to continue customizing their setup.

A reduction in price likely means that EK is trying to clean the stock of its 120mm fans, now that the 140mm fans are available. Regardless, they could be perfect for your setup, so be sure to take a look.

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