Android 7.0 has been rolled out now and even though a precious few devices will be able to update to the operating system right now, there are plenty of features that should make the wait worthwhile. One of these features is actually one that has been available to Samsung and LG users for a while now.

The feature, of course, is running Apps in Multi Window side by side. The only problem though is that not all Android apps natively support this feature. Waiting for developers to upgrade their apps to be able to take advantage of the feature is something that could be a futile exercise considering that most of Android users are still waiting for the Marshmellow update.

This fragmentation makes the exercise of optimizing their apps for the latest version of Android all but futile for the developers who would rather focus their efforts on reaching the maximum number of people.

Still, if you are a Nexus owner or someone who has their eye on the LG V20 then you will have access to Android 7.0 in all its glory soon. One of the many hidden features in Android 7.0 is one where the users can force all apps to run in multi-window mode.

Here is how it is done.

The first thing that you need to do is activate ‘developer mode’ on your phone. There is no need to be afraid and no coding is required, however, it does allow you to maximize certain areas of the phone performance.

Activating the Developer mode can be done through accessing your ‘settings’ and then looking for the ‘About Phone’ option. Once you have pressed that button you will see another host of options. Go to the ‘Build Number’ option and then tap it 7 times in quick succession.

Now hit the ‘Back’ button and you will be again in the previous menu, only this time the option of ‘Developer Options’ will be there. There are a number of things that can be achieved from this option so if you are someone who likes to tinker with their phones, then you will be heading to this setting quite often.

Look for the ‘Force activities to be resizable’ and you are done. Now every app that you want will run in multi-window mode. Be careful about some crashes though since a lot of the apps won’t be optimized and can shut down abruptly.

For the most part, you should be fine. A decrease in the battery life of the phone can also be expected.

In every addition of Android, Google always leaves in some Easter eggs that unlock more of the phone’s potential but it really seems to have left a lot to explore in this version of its operating system. There are already options for gamers to run their processors at maximum capacity to get every bit of performance and to change system settings that are otherwise set permanently.

Most nexus owners are likely to be tech enthusiasts and these power features will really speak to them.

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