At the Google Pixel event, which is to be held on October 4, 2017, in San Francisco, the tech giant is widely expected to launch its next Pixel phone, a Pixelbook laptop and more Google Home speakers.

Currently, we have seen the launch of the latest and the most exciting Apple iPhone X, and Amazon has also introduced a new Echo smart speakers, it is expected that Google will go on to announce its own version of mobile devices and smart appliances, in competition with its competitors, and at the same time ensuring that its users stay in its Google ecosystem.

We will be coving the event and will bring you the latest updates from the event. However, in the meanwhile, these are the devices and the appliances that we feel that will be launched in the upcoming event held by Google.

 Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL phones

It is being expected that Google will launch two of its mobile devices, namely Pixel 2 and pixel 2 XL. The ongoing rumours are that both the devices are being made in partnership with HTC and LG, respectively. These devices will serve as a follow-up to the last year’s Pixel pair phones, which had gone on to impress the world with its camera prowess, and has also gone on to introduce the Google Assistant to the world. The Google Assistant is now available on most of the available Android phone.

It is being expected that both the Google’s flagship devices will most probably run on the newest Android Oreo OS, however, it is the ongoing rumours that there will most probably will no headphone jack.  It is being said that both the devices will most likely be water resistant, comes with improved cameras along with improved and better quality camera, and squeezable side features just like HTC U11.

The Pixel 2 will compete with the likes of iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note 8, along with LG V30 and OnePlus 5.

Google Pixelbook

It seems that this year, we might be able to see another one of Google’s laptop. The latest Google Pixelbook will most probably come with pressure-sensitive, tilt-sensitive stylus. It is most likely to run on Google’s desktop OS, Chrome OS, taking over the Chromebook legacy. The latest Google Pixelbook might be a bit heavy on the pocket, as it is expected to come with a price tag starting at $1,200 for 128GB (which is that’s £890 and AU$1,500).

Google Home Mini and Max

It was last year when Google had first released its smart home speaker, in competition to Amazon Echo speakers. It seems like a sensible step if Google goes on to add a new member to its home speaker.

It seems most likely that a smaller version of Google Home, which is rumoured to be called Home Mini, will be launched. According to the leaked image, it will be a small portable speaker, which will most probably be available in three different colours, along with swappable fabric cover just like the original Home. However, we have also come across rumours of a larger Home Max, with stereo speaker, however, we currently do not have any knowledge of this potential featured product, and is doubtful if it exists or not.

New VR and AR news

We saw Google introducing Google Cardboard, as well as Google standalone Daydream View VR headset, and it has been noticed that the company has gone on to continuously evolve its approach towards its VR. It seems like the right approach from the company to introduce a fresh new headset with textured fabric and new colours to the world. It is rumoured to be launched at Pixel 2 event.

Similarly, we are expecting that Google might go on to announce an all-new update to its ARCore platform for the AR. It seems that Google is all set to give competition to Apple ARKit, and bring in the replacement for Google’s Tango AR project. The rumours are that the ARCore will all the developers to use its existing phone device with a single camera to build new AR games and content.

Further probable news

However, there is always a chance that Google will go on to announce the unexpected. For an instant, it has been two years now that Google has overhauled its streaming Chromecast stick, and not counting the adjunct update that was the Chromecast Ultra. We are also looking forward to hearing more news and updates about Google’s nifty Lens AR technology, which was the main attraction at the Google’s I/O developer conference in May 2017.

We are eagerly waiting to see what all Google has to offer at this event, which rumours pan out, and which launch catches us off-guard. In the meantime, let us know what exactly you think would unfold at this event. A new Android watch or an Android wireless earbuds? It might not happen, however, we could do with some imagination, who knows, what you believe, might just go on to unfold at the event. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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