Google has currently announced the launch of an all-new Google Search app extension for Messages, which can easily access through the dedicated Messages App Store available within the Messages app on the iPhone and iPad.

Google in its official blog states,

“Today, we’re introducing three new features to the Google app on iPhone and iPad to help you find what you need and get things done, without disrupting your flow.”

While having a conversation with someone in the Messages app, you can now easily tab on the Google Search icon so as to be able to bring up an interface which will allow you to conduct Google Search without exiting the Messages app.

There is also the availability of quick buttons so as to access the weather, restaurants nearby, attractions around you, like parks and museums, trending news stories and videos. You will also be able to view the search bar at the top of the interface for traditional searches, along with a GIF button for quick search and sharing of GIFs.

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In the official blog, the company states,

“The Google app for iOS now supports an iMessage extension to help you search and share GIFs, restaurants and videos, whenever you’re messaging a friend. You can tap on the icon for “Food” or “Nearby” to share your favorite locations, or perform a search and share a card directly into the conversation. Want to research a new restaurant before sharing it with friends? Just tap on the restaurant card, and we’ll take you to the Google Search page, where you can look up the busiest times, as well as menus and reviews. Switch to GIF Search mode, and you can find and share a “happy birthday” GIF.”

Google’s new iMessage extension is now available, and you do not need to update the app or install so as to get the newly launched features. It is automatically available in Messages through the iMessage app drawer.

Google states,

“If you already have the Google app on your device, no additional installation is required. Just open iMessage, tap the iMessage apps drawer, and tap on Google app icon.”

Along with the new iMessage extension, Google has also gone on to announce a new related suggestions option in Safari. Here, when you go on to share the webpage with Google using the Share extension on an iOS device, Google will go on to show suggestions for related content so that you will be able to gain more information about a particular topic, without the need to type a new query into the search box.

You will be able to bring this new option by visiting the webpage, all you need to do is select the Share icon and then go on to choose ‘Search Google’ shortcut.

The final feature that Google has gone on to add to its iOS app support is of drag and drop on the iPad. With this drag and drop feature, you will be able to move texts, images, links and more to and from the Google app.

Google for iOS can easily be downloaded from the App Store for free.

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