It has currently been reported by TechCrunch that Instagram’s Android APK includes icons for an interface that would allow users to make audio as well as video calls, indicating that these services might soon be made available.

It seems as if Instagram is now mimicking Snapchat once again, and it seems that they are just blindly copying this particular feature at the risk of diluting the app’s very experience. This news came as quite a disappointment to me, as I personally really enjoy the experience provided by Instagram and doesn’t want this particular feature.

If the feature of Snapchat is to go by it, then it seems that in Instagram too, people will be able to call all those who they follow, unless the feature is restricted allowing them to only ping them (I suppose it will be available in the settings, ensuring privacy). However, a few months ago, Instagram has gone on to add the ability to join Stories via video, so perhaps, we should have seen this coming.

I still do not get what is the point of this particular feature, no matter how much I try. Frankly speaking, I am particularly not a fan of this new trend that seems to be taking on, where you add every possible function in a particular app, just because you have the resources to do so. With Instagram in particular, I feel as if this will easily spoil the experience of Instagram, with the addition of too many stuff. It seems as every app is so busy following the on-going trend that they have forgotten what it feels like being unique.

Well, yes I do broadcast my pictures and videos, on Instagram, where my audience includes, people who are friends, acquaintances and even strangers, and they enjoy my posts and I am comfortable with that, but, am I really comfortable with the fact that anyone following me will be able to call me. Definitely not! I am here on Instagram to simply to have few moments to myself, I definitely do not want people to call me, while I am busy looking for a book recommendation, or a gift idea. I really do not want strangers to call me, just because they have come across my social network, and want to kill time. If this arises, I feel most of us will soon be logging off Instagram.

Well! While we are on this particular topic, where I am venting out let me also discuss, how this new feature will open doors to a new way of public harassment. Now, people will think, but we can restrict the call via the setting. Of course, we can, but now the entire responsibility of preventing harassment solely lies on us –‘The Users.’

Unlike Snapchat, most Instagram users leave behind record about what they are doing, and where they are in their standard post, and this some people might use so as to bully the users, making them their victims.

Well! You can call me old-fashion, however, I would like to give my consent before someone is able to contact me online – someone I have no interaction in my personal life. As if it’s not bad enough that anyone who has my personal contact is able to ping me on WhatsApp, and I would like to request to Facebook to let Instagram be as it is, we love it this way, However, this will not happen, as Facebook will not rest, until Instagram becomes similar to Snapchat.

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