The latest iPhone operating system iOS 11.3 is now available, and it now offers you with more features than was expected from “.3” release. Whether you are just interested in augmented reality, cute Animojis or simply want Apple from throttling your old iPhone, there is something new that will raise your curiosity in this current update. These are however just the headline features, and who knows what might be in store when we dig in a bit deeper. However, for now, we will inform you about all the big stuff and will keep you updated with all big and small features over the coming weeks.

Apple has also gone on to push minor updates for Apple TV, Apple Watch and HomePod. The new HomePod update will sadly not allow you to pair AirPlay 2 or stereo speaker; however, watchOS 4.3 will allow you to control the HomePod and your iPhone media from the Apple Watch itself. The tvOS 11.3 will allow your 4th-gen Apple TV play videos in their original framerate.

Also, while it initially appeared that Messages in iCloud would be arriving in iOS 11.3, so as to solve the iMessage deletion woes, as we saw its appearance in the early beta version, but it is missing from this release. Well, it seems we will have to wait for iOS 11.4.

In order to get the new OS, go to Settings>General>Software Update. If your device is compatible then it will immediately start downloading, if it does not then check back later.

Batter Control

I am simply not talking about ‘battery life’ here I mean to inform you about the ability of Apple secretly throttling your phone’s processing power as your device’s battery ages. Apple was caught doing this red-handed last winter and had to come up and apologize to the users for keeping it a secret. Even though the company had a valid reason for doing so, it, however, left some people astonished as to how Apple can do this to their customers.

Well, with this update, Apple has bought a new feature which would allow you to control your battery. You can now easily turn off this throttling feature or navigate to Settings > Battery and take a look at the current health condition of your battery. If your iPhone 6 or later doesn’t require a battery swap in order to maintain peak performance without issue, this new update will inform you about it.

You can also opt for Apple’s replacement battery, sometimes before the end of the year.

New Animoji

If you are using iPhone X, then you are most probably quite familiar with Animoji, the floating animated avatar, which you control with your face, allowing you to send animal-ified emotions to your family and friends via iMessage.

The iOS 11 came with 12 Animoji and the new iOS 11.3 bought 4 more new ones – the lion, the bear, the skull and the dragon.

Vertical Augmented reality

Apple’s ARKit augmented – reality apps can be super amazing, but it came with blurring technology which has its own limitation, and hence it could only recognize horizontal surfaces, while deciding where to place the virtual objects, making them appear as if its part you’re the real world.

For instance, the IKEA’s ARKit app would allow you to view how a new sofa will look on the floor of your living room, but it could not mount a virtual cabinet on to the real walls.

However, the all-new iOS 11.3 comes with ARKit 1.5, which can easily recognize the vertical surfaces as well as irregular shaped surface such as a round table. As per Apple, this would allow the AR developers to build various new things, potentially improving the accuracy of the augmented reality ruler apps. This new ARKit 1.5 through the camera view now comes with a higher resolution and supports the built-in autofocus of your camera. It also recognizes flat pictures such as posters, signs and artwork, using them to trigger the AR content.

Chat without hassle with your bank or store

Just thinks for a moment, if you just ping a company, then why call or navigate their website. This new iOS 11.3 will bring Business Chat to iMessage on your iPhone and iPad. Here is what Apple has to say about it,

“With Business Chat, it’s easy to have a conversation with a service representative, schedule an appointment or make purchases using Apple Pay in the Messages app. Business Chat doesn’t share the user’s contact information with businesses and gives users the ability to stop chatting at any time.”

This feature was originally announced at WWDC last June, and was expected to come as part of iOS 11; however, the feature is still not final. It’s in beta for “select businesses” which includes Hilton, Marriott, Newegg, Home Depot, Well Fargo and Lowe’s

Health record delivered

Apple’s new Health Records features come with the hope to provide every individual with the advent of their medical record, a way which will allow you to easily access your medical records, no matter where you are.

It will, however, only work, if all your care providers are on boards. Few months back when we checked iOS 11.3 Beta, the flowing are the places which supported it.

  1. Johns Hopkins Medicine – Baltimore, Maryland
  2. Cedars-Sinai – Los Angeles, California
  3. Penn Medicine – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  4. Geisinger Health System – Danville, Pennsylvania
  5. UC San Diego Health – San Diego, California
  6. UNC Health Care – Chapel Hill, North Carolina
  7. Rush University Medical Center – Chicago, Illinois
  8. Dignity Health – Arizona, California and Nevada
  9. Ochsner Health System – Jefferson Parish, Louisiana
  10. MedStar Health –  Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia
  11. OhioHealth – Columbus, Ohio
  12. Cerner Healthe Clinic – Kansas City, Missouri

Apple states,

“In the coming months, more medical facilities will connect to Health Records offering their patients access to this feature.” 

For more information, check the official Apple Blog.

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