Microsoft unveiled the latest generation of Surface Pro devices on Tuesday, 23rd May 2017, advertising it as the most versatile laptop on the planet. Although the design of this tablet/laptop is impressive and clean, it is the hardware packed inside that will excite a broad range of customers.


I personally feel that the latest Surface Pro model scores a whole lot of style points. The relatively thin bezel, sleek design, and the Microsoft flag on the back contribute to making an attractive device indeed.


Surface Pro display
Gorgeous PixelSense™ Display [Source – Microsoft WebStore]

The new Surface Pro boasts a stunning 12.3” PixelSense™ Display featuring 267 PPI resolution, 10 point multi-touch, and 3:2 aspect ratio. Moreover, support for both the Surface Pen and touch is a significant advantage for professionals who need to shift between pinpoint accuracy and convenience constantly.

Microsoft Surface Pro Modes

Since the Surface Pro isn’t exactly a traditional laptop, it offers several modes of operation.

1. Laptop Mode

Surface Pro in Laptop Mode
Laptop Mode with the Surface Pro Signature Type Cover [Source – Microsoft WebStore]

The kickstand at the back of the Surface Pro can be used to prop up the display when using the Surface Pro Signature Type Cover. The cover offers a full keyboard experience and is crafted using luxurious Alcantara® material, which lends it a premium feel. However, customers have to purchase the Surface Pro Signature Type Cover separately.

2. Studio Mode

Surface Pro in Studio Mode
Studio Mode for creative professionals [Source – Microsoft WebStore]

This mode is aimed at content creators and designers. The kickstand folds to provide an upward tilt to the Surface Pro screen. With this almost slate-like mode, you can use the highly responsive touch or the Surface Pen to get the best experience. However, you must buy the Surface Pen accessory separately.

3. Tablet Mode

Surface Pro in Tablet Mode
Traditional Tablet Mode for regular/casual use [Source – Microsoft WebStore]

Well, technically not a ‘mode’ as it only involves folding back the kickstand completely and using the Surface Pro ‘like a tablet.’ Nonetheless, this is yet another way that customers can use the new Surface Pro.

Fans are passé

The first few models of the Surface Pro feature an entirely fanless design. This ensures excellent performance without moving parts and noise.

Please note: the Intel Core i7 models aren’t fanless. A hybrid cooling system is employed to keep the hardware cool in those Surface Pro variants.

 Microsoft Surface Pro Battery Life

Boasting an impressive 13.5 hours battery life (continuous video playback on Wi-Fi), the new Surface Pro is giving several companies some serious competition. Beating a MacBook and an iPad Pro’s battery life while offering the same/better hardware makes the Surface Pro a noteworthy addition to the market.

Surface Pro back image
13.5 hours battery life [Source – Microsoft WebStore]

Microsoft Surface Pro Hardware Specifications and Prices

Microsoft announced a total of 6 variants for the Surface Pro –

  • 128 GB SSD / 7th Gen Intel Core m3 / 4 GB RAM –  $799
  • 128 GB SSD / 7th Gen Intel Core i5 / 4 GB RAM – $999
  • 256 GB SSD / 7th Gen Intel Core i5 / 8 GB RAM – $1299
  • 256 GB SSD / 7th Gen Intel Core i7 / 8 GB RAM – $1599
  • 512 GB SSD / 7th Gen Intel Core i7 / 16 GB RAM – $2199
  • 1 TB SSD / 7th Gen Intel Core i7 / 16 GB RAM – $2699

NOTE – Microsoft also announced exclusive discounts for eligible students, faculty or staff at Universities and Colleges (Check your eligibility here).

Surface Pro product image
Take your pick. Choose from 6 variants [Source – Microsoft WebStore]

You can pre-order the Surface Pro best suited to your requirements and budget from the Microsoft website.


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