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Despite all the hype Windows created for its Anniversary Update, there was a list of unaddressed loopholes in the most known Microsoft product. Since then, a newer update of the version was pretty much expected.

And here it is. Microsoft launched a cumulative update for its Anniversary Update. It has solutions to almost all the issues the Anniversary Update had.

  • The Anniversary Update had issues with the Windows Shell. Similarly, Internet Explorer, the new addition, Microsoft Edge, and the map apps were reported to have parallel malfunctions. All the issues in them have been resolved in the cumulative update.
  • Devices which had Anniversary Update frequently crashed when e-readers were detached. This issue is resolved in the cumulative update.
  • The operating system did not use to recognize SD cards in devices if they were plugged in and out repeatedly. The cumulative update repaired this problem.
  • Complains against Windows 10 Mobile stated that it blocks alarm notifications and some apps in the OS failed to respond to few commands. The new update fixed these issues and also improved the camera app.
  • All the issues regarding Bluetooth compatibility, push-button reset, app compatibility, missing start menu titles when running on battery and 4K resolution rendering were addressed in the new update.
  • Built-in apps got their security features updated.

Microsoft did not launch an update for the Anniversary Updates users only. It released a cumulative update for people using earlier versions, too. This update builds 10586.589 and has multiple improvements.

  • The .NET Framework itself along with the Internet Explorer 11 and the USB are made way more reliable than before.
  • In previous version, if you go to User Accounts in the Control Panel and hit “Change my environment variables”, it would not function usually. The new update took this in notice and fixed it.
  • Another issue was that a device working on Windows 10 had an incorrect date and time once it switches from internet access to no internet access on SSL servers. This, again, was successfully addressed in the new update.
  • Many a times, even a user who had a compulsory profile was not able to use some pre-installed apps, such as Cortana. The newer update is here with a solution to this, as well.
  • In the older version, if users installed something using this Windows Installer, no command line utility would work until they restart their device; or sign out and sign in again. The update does not have this problem.
  • Internet Explorer 11 previously did not respond to the command “Print all linked documents”. It does so in this latest update.
  • The latest, improved update also has new entries in APNs. This improves network support.
  • If you update your Windows to the new update, you’ll notice that it does not have the Copy Protection feature in the Windows Media Player.
  • Other bugs in Add-On list group policy object, daylight saving time, Windows Shell etc are resolved, too.

Users with the initial version of Windows 10 will be taken to build number 10240.17113 by this update with same improvements as above along with some more:

  • Issues of incomplete printing jobs, virtual smartcard’s encryption certificate recovery, hindrance in creation of built-in groups in new device setup and blank page display in Enhanced Protected Mode in IE 11 are resolved.
  • Updated security of Windows SMB Server v1.0, OLE automation, Windows lock screen, PDF and Microsoft Graphics Component.
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