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It looks like Microsoft is ahead of the game. The company has begun shipping some of its Surface Studio orders early, despite originally promising its customers that they would only receive their units in the middle of December.

Some people have been receiving emails from the tech giant, letting them know that they are among the first people to receive their $3,000+ device as a result of ordering early. These select few customers will receive their computers this week.

For those who have not already ordered the new high-end, touch-screen, all-in-one computer, you can still place a preorder – but, you won’t receive your device until the beginning of 2017.

The news is being reported by, and it appears that a dedicated support line has been created for owners of the Surface Studio. The phone number for the support line was provided in an email which also included a note from Panos Panay, the head of the Surface devices team, asking his customers to call if they ever have any concerns or questions.

The personal note from Panos Panay to Surface Studio customers.
The personal note from Panos Panay to Surface Studio customers.
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