One week after Microsoft has rolled out its Team service to Office 365 business users, and the company has started delivering Teams to Office 365 Education customers.

Microsoft Teams will now be available as a free add-on to Office 365 Education users if they have Education, Education Plus, Education E3 or Education E5 suite plan. However, it is important for you to notice that Microsoft is not making Microsoft Teams available as a standalone offering.

From last week itself, Teams is available in 181 Office 365 markets in 19 different languages.

According to Microsoft’s March 21 Tech Community blog post:

“Starting March 20, 2017, Teams will be off by default and available to IT admins to turn on for their institutions. We recommend that IT admins enable Microsoft Teams and begin using it now within their IT organizations; and for targeted groups of faculty, staff, teachers, and higher-education students.”

Microsoft Teams runs on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and web platforms. Teams go on to offer support to the web clients on Microsoft Edge 12+, Internet Explorer 11+, Firefox 47.0+, and Chrome 51.0+. Currently, Safari users are being directed to the client desktop in order to download Teams.


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