Credits: Tech Radar

Microsoft has recently refused to entertain warranty replacement of Lumia 950XL in the UK claiming that is has run out of stock.

WinBeta has reported that a person had been refused by Microsoft to have his defected phone replaced, excusing that Microsoft has run out of stock and all the phones have been shipped to the distributors.

Last week, some rumors floated that Microsoft has been planning to discontinue the sale of its Lumia phones by the end of this year. Some sources have also reported that Microsoft had stopped production of Lumia phones a month ago. Probably, this is the reason of Microsoft’s excuse.

The unexpected refusal has raised serious concerns about the Lumia 950XL owners because they wouldn’t be able to get their cellphones replaced even if their phone has a warranty.

At this time, it is too vague to declare that Microsoft has quit the production of its phones further as there is news that Microsoft Surface phone will arrive either in 2017 or 2018. So, Microsoft lovers can expect something more exciting that has to be revealed yet.

Though Lumia cellphones feature Windows 10 that has been the greatest attraction for Lumia lovers but, still the app gap keeps it a step behind Android phones. In the past few months, Windows’ phones have faced a serious decline in sales. Probably, users are more comfortable with Android phones that give them freedom of apps download from a variety of app developers.

The lack of support after the launch of Lumia 950 and 950 XL had indicated that Microsoft has been planning to concentrate towards Surface phone. Last February, Lumia 650 hit the market and probably, it is the last cellphone of the series. Microsoft has also cut down the prices of its Lumia 650 and 950 last month, indicating a decline in the sale of its cellphones.

It is expected that HP will also reveal its Elite x3 Windows phone in the US on September 16th that will compensate Lumia cellphones.

Though the situation has occurred in the UK only but Microsoft’s excuse depicts that it will prevail in other countries too. People had expected much after Microsoft took over Nokia. But, Microsoft’s phone line is almost dying, and it seems as if it will quit its phone industry soon.

Microsoft has not made any official statement yet regarding warranty replacement or termination of Lumia cellphones.

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