Microsoft has released a beast in the market in the form of its latest ‘Surface Book 2.” And, once again, we see that Microsoft is setting the right example to Apple on how a modern laptop should be.

Apple which was once leading the way when it came to high-performing laptops to getting mired in mediocre updates, such as Touch Bar, however, on the other hand, Microsoft is going out of its way to create powerhouse laptops, keeping in mind its creative audience and professionals.

Hence, the latest Surface Book 2 is exactly what we believe the MacBook Pro should be like (of course, minus the Windows 10) but it is not.

Let us now have a look at the latest Microsoft release – ‘The Surface Book 2.’

  • It is versatile and can be used in various other ways than just a laptop.
  • It comes with 8th generation Intel processors.
  • High-performance Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 along with the discrete graphics option of 1060.
  • It has a battery life of 17 hours
  • It supports multi-touch, Surface-Dial on-screen support and the popular Surface Pen.
  • It comes with USB-A, USB-C and full-size SD card reader. No need for dongle any longer.

For more information on Surface Book Pro 2, check the official Microsoft blog.

Microsoft has given people what they were looking for in a modern laptop, and have not offered them just obsession of what the other popular brands are offering with “thinner and lighter” laptop, with few ports and attractive looking Touch Bar.

The problem with Apple is that it is continuously trying convenience people to switch from laptop to iPad and iPad Pro. However, they are still keeping its MacBook and MacBook Pro line going, with trying to add new refreshing features, which are actually quite boring now. These new so-called updates are neither needed nor asked for by the users.

It seems that Apple has lost its focus on making high-performance hardware for professionals; instead, it seems that the company is just chasing the mainstream market and making profit margins. It suddenly feels like Apple no longer have anything new and exciting to offer to its users.

With the launch of Surface Book Pro 2, Microsoft has given us whole new exciting features to look forward too. It seems most professionals and creative people will switch to Surface Book Pro 2.

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