Credits: TheCountryCaller

New details for AMD’s Vega 10 and 20 have leaked today. AMD teased the two new high-end GPUs just a month ago, and suggested that they could be released in 2016. Their Senior Director of Global Marketing and Public Relations, Chris Hook, posted a picture of the launch venue for the Vega on his Facebook.

The Vega is the next generation of graphics architecture from AMD, with 14nm FinFET technology combined with High Bandwidth Memory. It’s considered to be an updated version of the Fiji graphics chip, AMD’s last flagship offering. Today at an investors event, more details were released about the Vega 10 and 11, and the Vega 20 was even confirmed.

The new flagship VEGA 10 is expected to be released in the first half of 2017, containing 64 Compute Units, which should mean it will offer 4096 Stream Processors. Both offerings are expected to be GlobalFoundries chips, as well as offering 16GB HBM2 memory, around 512GB/s bandwidth and a TDP of 225W.

WWCFTech reports, however, that the new GPU will offer a massive 24 Teraflops of 16-bit compute, meaning there should be exactly 12 Terfaflops of compute. Taking this information, the site managed to calculate the clock speed of the GPU, suggesting that the Vega 10 graphics card will be clocked at around 1465Mhz. That makes the new GPU a significant increase over the likes of the Polaris 10 GPU.

The question now is whether the Vega 10 and 11 will be able to take on Nvidia’s new GP102, which still hasn’t been announced. There have been some leaks, but the tech community largely believes they were fake. For the time being, we’ll just have to wait and see what 2017 has to offer – but who knows what other leaks are round the corner.

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