Google has recently released the developer preview of Android P. Right now, this new software update does not have a lot of features for the average users, and it is meant only for the developers, giving them an insight of the new programming features, that can be integrated into the apps. Google has discouraged regular users from installing it on their regular devices for now.

However, for now, we do know a bit about the new upcoming features in Android P which will make you want to update your phone as soon as the stable version of the software is available. Lets us read on and find out more about Android P new available feature.

Addition of new colours

Google is using soft colours and rounded corners everywhere for Android P. When you swipe down, you will be able to view the notification tray and quick settings. This will provide you with a better idea as to where this is going aesthetically. It is not a major change, however, it is a notable one, which will immediately attract the attention of the users.

Better notification

Android is always leading the way when it comes to handling notifications in comparison to iOS. In Android P it seems to have widened that particular gap, as messaging apps, in particular, will soon be able to suggest smart replies and will be showing more information on each notification.

Media Output Controls

Instead of going to the Bluetooth settings or using the Cast button in a music app, Google has gone on to make a new addition by adding the proper media output control to Android P. When the volume rocker is pressed, the all-new control will come into view. After which all you need to do is tap on the Media so as to view available and connected devices.

New tools for screenshot

In Android P, you will now have the option to edit screenshot directly from the notification that appears in front of you. From here, you will be able to easily select a new Markup too so as to crop, write or draw on the screenshot and share it.

Google is working on improving the overall security of your information in Android P, but most of it is done in the background. Another new feature that is now available is the availability of a push button that will lock down your device. When you enable it, it allows you to disable the fingerprint sensor (reverting to your backup unlock method) just by pressing the power button and then tapping on Lockdown.

However, this is just the first preview of Android P; we will be seeing numerous changes and addition of features, before the final launch of the stable version of Android P. Let’s wait and watch the new features that Google has to offer with its Android P. We are excitedly waiting for it, what about you. Let us know in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you.

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