It’s expected that Intel will release new Kaby Lake-based processors in the first quarter of the new year, and a new photograph shows what looks to be the upcoming Core i5-7600K. By looking at the laser imprint, which you can clearly see on the image, the chip appears to be a full CPU and not a qualification sample.

The same laser imprint shows off the base-clock of 3.8GHz on the processor, a quad-core chip that also supports multi-threading, which is a system that takes one set of code and allows multiple processors to use it at different stages of its execution, significantly increasing speed.


In the above image, it’s clear that the upcoming Core i7 chip (7700K) will also be quad-core and fe3ature HyperThreading, which allows for 8 logical CPUs, and offer a substantial 4.2GHz of power.

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