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It’s been a while since Barned and Noble manufactured and produced its own Nook devices. The e-reader-come-tablet has since been outsourced to other manufacturers, simply holding the Nook brand for the sake of the end user. It seems now, however, that Barnes and Noble is back in the game and is planning to release a new Nook that supports the Google Play Store.

The new tablet, called the Nook Tablet 7, has just passed through the FCC, and we can reveal its specs based on the FCC documents that have been filed. It appears to be a tablet running Android, with the Google Play Store as standard – which is necessary given the Nook App Store was killed off in March this year – as well as front and rear cameras and a microSD slot.

It also has a quad core ARM Cortex A53 processor inside and a 3,000mAh battery.

According to Liliputing, it’s thought that the tablet is being placed to compete directly with Amazon’s extremely competitive $50 Fire Tablet – and the fact that the Nook has the Google Play Store immediately gives it the upper hand. The Amazon Fire Tablet runs a modified version of Android with a totally different user interface and uses the Amazon App Store, which misses out major Android applications like Snapchat and Spotify.

It’s possible that the tablet will be released in time for the holiday season, but there has been no official announcement made as of yet.

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