After releasing a teaser video that shows off how the Nintendo Switch will work, viewers have been wondering – does it have a touch screen?

The 6.2” screen, which actually hides all the console’s internal components, is never interacted with throughout the entirety of the teaser video, leading many to believe it might not have any touch screen capability at all.

Eurogamer has announced, however, that it will in fact feature a 720p multi-touch screen – a first for Nintendo, who has traditionally stuck with resistive touch screens for its DS, 3DS and DS Lite range. This should solve a major issue that Xbox and PlayStation users experience, where they struggle to enter information using the on-screen keyboard. Nintendo Switch users can simply use the screen to enter text, as opposed to scrolling through letters using their joystick.

Nintendo has promised that it will be releasing more information about the device on January 13th. Perhaps then we’ll find out more about the hardware of the device, what kind of games we should expect, and how powerful it’s going to be. Given the size of the device, it appears that Nintendo is sticking to its traditional view of experience over graphics.

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