This month update of Office 365 goes on to bring better co-authoring in Excel, the general availability of Microsoft Team and more. The company states that they will soon be announcing the latest roadmap for SharePoint and OneDrive at the SharePoint Virtual Summit on May 16, 2017.

Co-authoring in Excel

Microsoft is taking a significant step toward completing the co-authoring story across, Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The company has gone on to enable co – authoring in Excel on Windows desktops for Office Insiders Fast. This feature will go on to allow you to know who else is working with you in the spreadsheet, and you will also be able to see where they are working along with view changes made automatically within seconds.

The company states,

“We’ll continue using feedback from Insiders to improve the experience before making it available more broadly.”

The Co-authoring is already available in Excel Online, Excel on Android, Windows Mobile and iOS (for Office Insiders). The company is also working on co-authoring in Excel for the Mac.

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Microsoft states,

“Co-authoring in Excel on Windows desktops allows you to see where others are editing at the same time as you in a spreadsheet.”

Microsoft is also bringing AutoSave to Words, Excel and PowerPoint on Windows desktop, files stored in SharePoint Online, OneDrive and OneDrive for Business.

The company states,

“With AutoSave, you can stop worrying about hitting the Save button, whether you’re working alone or with others.”

Microsoft also goes on to state,

“Availability: Co-authoring in Excel on Windows desktops is rolling out for Office 365 subscribers in Office Insider Fast. Co-authoring in Excel on iOS is currently available for Office Insiders, as well as for all customers in Excel Mobile on Windows, Excel on Android and Excel Online. AutoSave is rolling out to Word, Excel and PowerPoint on Windows desktops, for Office 365 subscribers in Office Insider Fast.”

OneNote inking and accessibility updates

Microsoft has gone on to make several improvements to OneNote this month, making inking more powerful and available in the browser, as well as helping you create more accessible notes.

  • Ink math assistant improvements—OneNote can now graph handwritten equations and even let you manipulate variables to see the visual effect of changes. It can also teach you the steps to solve systems of equations. This expanded built-in intelligence within OneNote makes it an even more powerful math coach to help you learn in context.
  • Accessibility Checker now in OneNote—The Accessibility Checker, now available in OneNote for Windows 10, helps ensure your notes can be consumed without barriers by people with visual impairments. It analyzes your material and provides recommendations alongside your notes, which helps you understand how to fix errors and create more accessible notes over time. Simply select Check Accessibility under the View tab to get started.
  • Inking in OneNote Online—We’re bringing inking and the Draw tab to OneNote Online, so you can make your mark with ink or highlighter while taking, reviewing, or editing your notes in the browser.

Visio integrates with Excel and PowerPoint in new ways

Visio, Excel and PowerPoint work better together than ever before helping you to effortlessly generate flowcharts automatically from data and then go on to share them as presentations. You will be able to create a flowchart directly from the Excel, with just a few clicks using the new Data Visualizer templates. After this you will be able to use the new Slide Snippets pane to select specific diagrams or snippets, title them and export as slides in a new PowerPoint presentation. The Morph transition is also applied automatically so as to create cinematic transitions between overlapping snippets on different slides.

Microsoft states,

“The new Data Visualizer templates for Excel data are now available in Visio on Windows desktops, for Office 365 subscribers in Office Insiders Slow. The Slide Snippets pane is currently available in Visio on Windows desktops, for all Office 365 subscribers.”

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