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Millions of iPhone owners around the world use Microsoft’s apps and services, sometimes without even realizing it. The services provided by Microsoft are a part of our basic needs when it comes to keeping and organizing data.

Some of the most popular Microsoft apps available for iOS include:

  • Word: To create, view, and slightly edit text in the familiar Word experience.
  • Excel: To create sheets and turn number into insights. Excel helps users to make data manipulation easy and presentable with the help of formulas, charts, tables, and much more.
  • Outlook: To organize and manage your contacts, calendars, email accounts, and attachments all on one place.
  • PowerPoint: To allow users display text in a way they like. PowerPoint allows rich formatting with text styles, tables, animations, pictures, and a lot more.
  • Skype: To stay in touch with your friends and family through free video and voice calls, file-sharing, and messaging.

These apps are consistently updated with rich features and tools to make the user’s experience more positive and productive. Microsoft Office, one of the most widely used productivity suites, has recently been updated with a such new features on the iOS platform.

On September 11th, 2016, Microsoft released updates for its Office apps on the iOS platform. The main highlight of the release was that Microsoft decided to add support for Tencent and Edmodo on its Office iOS apps to allow users to access and store documents directly on the mentioned platforms.

Given below is the list of features that were added in the latest update to Microsoft Office for iOS:

  • Tencent and Edmodo will now work with Office: Office users will now be able to store, access, and manage their Microsoft Office files easily with Tencent and Edmodo.
  • New way of using laser pointer: The old way of using the laser pointer has been modified. Now when you go to the presenter view, you have to point your smartphone in the direction of the screen, then tap and hold down on the notes to turn your smartphone into a laser pointer This feature is available for iPhones users that are subscribers of Office 365 only.
  • Improved Lookup: Users can now get useful images, information, and definitions with the smarter lookup feature. Simply press and hold a word or phrase to access the Smart Lookup option.

Due to the Office suite being split into three different apps – Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, you will have to update all the apps separately to get the most out of the updated features. You can install these updates from the Apple App Store.

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