Credits: Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege, the popular first-person shooter by Ubisoft, is getting a substantial update today. This update comes almost a month after the release of its latest expansion, Operation Skull Rain that introduced two new operators and a new map to the game. This update by Ubisoft will be bringing two new gadgets and attachments to the game, along with much-needed tweaks to three existing operators in the game.


The operators Twitch, Doc, and Blackbeard have been substantially modified to drastically improve the user’s experience of playing with them. The operator special abilities have also been tweaked heavily. The operator, Twitch, can now wield her shock drone even before the round starts (in the preparation phase). On the other hand, Doc can now use his Stim Pistol ability to over-heal himself and his teammates. The over-heal works to a maximum limit of 120 HP. After this, the HP of all the players that were over-healed decreases by 0.5 HP/sec (or 1 HP per 2 seconds) until it returns to the in-game maximum of 100 HP.

While Twitch and Doc have been tweaked to promote their abilities, Blackbeard has been demoted. Ubisoft noted that most players will equip his shield for the entire duration of the match, giving them an uncompetitive advantage over their opponents. To counter this, Ubisoft has now added a second shield to Blackbeard’s armory and lowered the HP of both shields to only 150 HP (from the current 800 HP). This takes away the massive advantage that Blackbeard’s shield offered. Now, the game will be more competitive with boosts to the abilities of Twitch and Doc and a downgrade (as needed) to Blackbeard.


The two gadgets that are being introduced with the latest update are Claymore Mine and Impact Grenade. The Claymore Mine is an interesting gadget that can be carried by Thatcher, Glaz, Thermite, and Glaz. This gadget, when used, will cover the player’s back when they are in a vulnerable state (such as walking, sniping, droning, or flanking). The Impact Grenade, on the other hand, is a grenade that deals splash damage to everyone in its vicinity. This grenade can be carried by the operators Smoke, Castle, Rook, and Caveira.

There are also numerous small fixes and changes to the game as well. For instance, the Valkyrie will now wield three black-eye cameras instead of four. For complete information on the update, you can read the official documentation here.

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