Amazon has recently launched a new Kindle Oasis, which has a slim design; however, it comes with a sturdy aluminium back and a larger 7-inch, high-resolution E-Ink screen. One amazing and exciting feature that book lovers around the Globe have been waiting, is a waterproof kindle, which is a new feature in the Amazon Kindle Oasis. This Kindle also comes with a new feature of listening to audible audiobooks to headphones or speakers. The integrated light is brighter on the highest setting.

It is, however, not as lightweight as the original Kindle Oasis, however, it has a larger screen, more durable aluminium chassis and its complete waterproofing is important to upgrade to the all-new Kindle Oasis, making it the best e-reader yet. However, the downside to this newly launched device is its price. The all-new Kindle Oasis 2017 edition, comes with a starting price of $250 for 8GB storage, $350 for 32GB storage with cellular connectivity, that comes with an all you can use data plan, including the price for content downloads during the lifetime of the device, however, it’s only for ebook, but you will need to download audiobooks on Wi-Fi.

Another drawback is that the new Kindle Oasis does not come with a case; it is an optional accessory, which comes with a starting price of $45. Hence, for all those readers who like to use a case with their Kindle, will need to spend some extra money. However, spending a bit more money would give you a larger screen, which is quite appealing. The aluminium casing is more durable and the waterproofing is a big plus if you are reading it near the pool, in the bathtub or at the beach.

Large screen and battery

When you first look at the all-new Oasis, the first thing that will attract your attention is the large 7-inch, 300 pixel-per-inch (ppi) display. Amazon has mentioned that it is the largest Kindle display till now, with that level of resolution. If you go on to compare it to the 6-inch display of the original Oasis, which was also 300 ppi resolution, the new Oasis provides slightly more than 30 percent extra screen real estate. This is a major difference. Its widescreen in comparison to Fire tablets utilizes a more squarish (4X3) ratio, which makes reading more comfortable.

Another big change is the battery. The original Oasis came with a small battery built into the device, and a larger one built into the included case, which could easily be attached to Kindle Oasis magnetically. With the all-new Kindle Oasis, the larger battery has been integrated into the device itself. It has also been noted that Amazon has gone on to make this an optional accessory. Here, too it is attached to the Kindle magnetically; however it is not a charging case.

The new Oasis is 3.4mm, which makes it the thinnest e-reader available, and it weighs 194 grams (6.8 ounces) making is 10 grams lighter compared to the Paperwhite, which has a 6-inch display. Amazon has also informed that the display cover glass is the strongest yet, and it comes with an all-new dual-core 1GHz processor, with 512MB RAM. It also gives the fastest page turns, allowing you to either turn the pages physically using the page turn buttons, or you can hold the device in your hand and simply tap on the screen.

The all-new Kindle Oasis 2017 edition is well-balanced. It is comfortable to hold, and the touchscreen is quite responsive. The text on the screen is sharp and has excellent contrast.

It also comes with integrated lighting scheme and features 12 LEDs. The extra LEDs make the screen look brighter. The light easily spreads evenly across the screen.

Audible available

Another new feature that the new Kindle Oasis bought is the support for Audible playback on the device. There is, however, no headphone jack, but there is Bluetooth connectivity which would allow you to connect your Kindle Oasis to a Bluetooth speaker or headphone. If however, you have the license to the Audible version of the book that you are currently reading on the Kindle, then you will be able to switch between both the audio and the e-book version.

The audible support will soon be available to the original Oasis through a software update. It will also be made available to the Kindles, which support Bluetooth, which means that the Kindle Paperwhite and the Kindle Voyage will miss out this update.

The new Kindle Oasis 2017 is a premium e-reader which has been targeted to those who enjoy reading and value their Kindle as much, if not more than their smartphone.

Ultimately, the large screen, a more durable aluminium chassis and full waterproofing are excellent upgraded features in the new Kindle Oasis, making it the best e-reader in the market. Sure, it might seem a bit crazy to spend a lot of money on an e-reader, but people have been known to overspend on smartphones, wireless headphones and several other electrical gadgets, then why not on an excellent and smart e-reader.

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