Rocket League – score goals with your cars that are outfitted with rocket boosts or simply soccer with cars that can fly. Although this is a gross oversimplification of one of the most entertaining games released, that is the basic idea behind Rocket League.

With over 10.5 million sales to date, Rocket League is no longer ‘the game that just some people play.’ Most of the game’s success can be attributed to the fantastic developers behind Rocket League, Psyonix.

The primary reason that gamers love Psyonix is their interaction with the community. Psyonix staff frequents Reddit, gleaning the mood of their player-base, identifying and fixing issues, responding on Twitter like humans, etc.

Another reason why gamers love Rocket League is the steady inflow of updates. And no, not ‘updates’ that just fix broken stuff in a game – but fresh, compelling content that gives players an outlet to blow off some steam when they’re worn out by the standard gameplay. This content can include whacky game modes, cosmetics to pimp out your cars, feature additions, and so on.

Latest Rocket League Update (22nd March 2017)

Dropshot Game Mode

Its latest update also promises a whole lot of content with a brand-new dropshot game mode! It involves tilting the world of Rocket League sideways and trying to break open the floor to score a goal. Even though there is a chance that pub matches in this mode might involve cars whiffing left and right while the ball gradually bounces to a halt, it should make a neat addition to the game and bring in more variation.

Cosmetics and a Battle Car

Furthermore, Psyonix has announced a new crate, which can be unlocked with keys to obtain some neat items for your battle cars. Although this is a purely cosmetic change, who doesn’t love showing off their ride?

Turbo Crate Image
The new Turbo Crate [Source –]

The contents of the crate:

New Battle Car - Endo
The Endo Battle Car in the Turbo Crate [Source –]
Crate Item details
Cosmetic Items in the Turbo Crate [Source –]

Season 3 Rewards

The new game mode and cosmetics aren’t all; players will also receive season rewards. Rocket League has a ranked playlist and the highest rank you can achieve in that season (the current season is 3) guarantees you rewards for that rank, in addition to all the rewards granted below that rank. Moreover, the update also kicks off Season 4.

Season 3 Rewards
Season 3 Rewards [Source –]

eSports Improvements

Psyonix has listened to the Pro Rocket League community and delivered a much-awaited improvement for spectators. This will make life much easier for streamers, commentators, and people just watching a game.

eSports Improvements
eSports Improvements [Source –]

Also Included

A brand-new stadium for the dropshot game mode – Core 707 and six new achievements to unlock on all platforms (PC, PS4, and XBOX One). Additionally, the ‘night’ version of a pre-existing map ‘Mannfield’ will also be added to the game in this upcoming update.
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