Recently, Apple has wowed the world with its latest iPhone, and now Samsung is all geared up to amaze the world with its latest phone Galaxy S9.

The South Korean company is all set to unveil its latest and much awaited mobile phone Galaxy S9 on Sunday at Mobile World Congress trade in Barcelona, Spain. This year the Samsung invitation featured the number 9, which is for the name of the device, as well as the teaser. “The Camera. Reimagined.”

The Galaxy S series is the most important product line of Samsung. If you own an Android phone there is high probability that it must be having a Samsung logo. According to the IDC, in the year 2017, about one out of every five phones that have been shipped across the globe had a Samsung logo.

This year, however, the stakes are considerably lower compared to last year ’s; which was the launch of Galaxy S8, which was the comeback phone after the disastrous Galaxy Note 7, which was catching fire and had to be taken off the market. However, Apple has raised the stake with the launch of its famous iPhone X; hence there is a huge amount of pressure on Samsung to impress the world with its latest flagship phone.

If you are however planning to upgrade your device this year, and you enjoy Android then the chances are that you might go for the latest upcoming model Galaxy S9. It is quite a major launch and it seems that most companies will avoid introducing their flagship phones for fear that their devices would be overshadowed.

Samsung is believed to keep the latest Galaxy S9 design quite similar to the last launched Galaxy S8. However, the question is that if it will have enough new features to attract the attention of the consumers so as to allow you to purchase it, or if you will prefer remaining with your old devices, after all, there is a consistent rumour of a new Samsung phone with a foldable screen.

Samsung is yet to make any comment on its new flagship Galaxy S9.

If you are looking forward to the big change in design in Galaxy S9, well the design doesn’t seem to be changing much, and chances are that it will remain the same as its previous Galaxy S8. In simple words, the design will be the same, however with essentially some new features and tweaks under the hood.

There have been numerous leaks about the S9, and some of them are as follows:

The Galaxy S9 is expected to use Qualcomm’s fast Snapdragon 845 processor, which would boost the devices camera as well as security technology. However, chances are that Samsung might improve its face unlocking tool, along with new colours of the devices, including one in lilac.

The camera seems to be the main focus and it is being expected that it will go on to include dual lenses on the Galaxy S line for the very first time, enabling superfast focus, improvement in low-light capture, enhancement in slow-motion, the ability to animate emojis, which seems quite similar to iPhone X animojis.

For Galaxy S8 uses, these rumours are not enough to switch to another similar flagship smartphone by Samsung, however, the new features would be quite exciting for users using Galaxy S7 or an older device.

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