Samsung has started to replace some of the affected Note 7 devices now finally and has come up with some measures to allow users to see which devices are affected. These new and non-exploding phones should also make it to stores sometime soon, so users that have been holding out can now finally pull the trigger on the purchase.

So how can you be sure that the Galaxy Note 7 you are buying is one that does not explode as compared to one that is from the affected batches?

There are a number of things that Samsung has added to distinguish the newer phones from the older ones. The best way is to head over to a new website that Samsung has made into which customers can enter the IMEI number of their phones and check their status.

The IMEI is a unique identification number that is different for every phone. This number can be found mentioned on the packaging the phone comes in or can be accessed by typing in *#06#.

The other way is to look for a black square on the packaging of the box which Samsung is adding to the packaging to make sure that unscrupulous sellers do not take advantage of the customers.

One last way of making the new Galaxy Note 7 stand out from the older ones is through a software modification that Samsung has made. This helps turn the battery icon of the phone turn Green from the usual white while being displayed on the always-on-screen, the status bar and during the powering off sequence.

The most sure fire way to check the safety of the Note 7 you are buying is to check the IMEI since other features could be forged or changed via a software skin.

News reports are now saying that the reason behind this manufacturing fault was Samsung’s haste to get the Note 7’s out in from the iPhone 7 and take advantage of the ‘boring’ new phones being put out by Apple.

There was a feeling in industry circles that this could be the year where Apple was most vulnerable to a Samsung assault and the Note 7’s with their revolutionary new design, twin curving screens, improved stylus and iris scanner looked set to rise to the challenge.

As things have turned out, the galaxy Note 7 launch turned out being a boon for Apple and even their most optimistic estimates of sales have fallen short. Now, analysts are saying that the sales for the first weekend after the iPhone 7’s release will be the biggest ever for Apple.

Samsung has gone from trying to unseat Apple as the unquestioned leader of the smartphone market to having a gargantuan task in front of it just to regain the faith of its customers. Getting the recall and exchange right is the first step on that path and unfortunately for Samsung, that process too has not gone well for it so far.

Outside of the U.S.A, customers have no clue as to when their phones will be replaced and continue to use it knowing that they may suffer a critical flaw.

SOURCEBoy Genius Reports
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