Microsoft has gone on to completely re-design interface for Xbox controllers, Cities: Skylines is shaping up to be a stellar entry in the Xbox One software catalog, and it will soon be launched.

On April 21, 2017, Xbox One players will get their hands on the Cities: Skylines for the very first time, and it is now available for pre-order.

Cities: Skylines sets you in charge of a large landscape so as to allow you to grow and develop it as you like. It has been built on the gameplay elements pioneered by the Sim City series, Cities: Skylines went on to take the idea of replicated urban planning to a complete new level.

This game will go on to challenge you into managing the infrastructure utilities and accommodation, in addition to education policies, district laws and intensive traffic simulations.

Cities: Skylines for Xbox One will go on to include the After Dark expansion, which will go on to add dynamic day and night cycles. You will require adding nightclubs, an evening transportation system, along with management of additional hazards as you go on to make you time an ideal place with bustling nightlife.

You can now pre-order Cities: Skylines for $39.99. We will soon bring you the full review of this game, stay tuned and happy gaming.

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