Mafia III demo will soon be available along with Faster, Baby! expansion pack. This demo will allow players to experience a curated portion of the game.

Currently, Hangar 13 has announced that Faster, Baby ! would go on to be releases on March 28, 2017, hence in order to prepare for Mafia III’s first expansion, the team has gone on to issue an update on Xbox One which comes in at over 5GB. However, the developer have not yet provided patch notes for this update, but is it really important for you to notice that it goes on to include mines along with the ability to throw grenades while driving. Vehicular combat is not a high point for this game hence; this can add a complete new dimension to it.

Faster, Baby! revolves around Lincoln as he joins forces with Roxy Laveau, a sister-in-arms so as to take down a corrupt sheriff terrorizing Civil Rights activists. Mafia III has mainly focused on the Civil Rights as well as the discrimination to an unprecedented degree. The first expansion promises fast cars, dramatic chases and epic stunt driving. Vehicles such as the Berkley Freerider, Bulworth Aspen and Lassiter Nightcrawler will also be part of the package.

After you install the update, you will see that a new area known as Sinclair Parish will appear on the map, however, unfortunately it is not accessible due to road block, until and unless you go on to make a purchase of the season pass or expansion. There will be more content coming to Mafia III in the near future. Stones Unturned and Sign of the Times, will most probably release in summer. Mafia III might have had a shaky start, but it is an excellent game in its current state. If you have not already tried out this game, then its time you do so and let us know, what you think about it.

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