Kevin Arrows
Editor in Chief
Kevin is a certified MCTS (Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist) with over 10 years of experience. He loves to dig deep into the latest tech happenings, and write about them.
Aswin Rajeev
Passionate writer with an undying love for games, PC hardware and tech. With nearly 5 years of experience in blogging and over 14 years of experience in gaming, this is what I love and do best.
Dhruv Gupta
Dhruv Gupta is an avid technology buff and thinks that Robots should rule the world. He cannot wait for the self-driving revolution to get here and the IoT to make all his stuff to know what he wants before he wants it. The Singularity is near.
Jack Buckby
Jack Barton has spent the last eight years as a professional writer, researcher and tech enthusiast. He works on all mobile and desktop platforms, favouring Windows for his desktop work and Android for his mobile devices. He's also one of the minority who sorely misses the days of BlackBerry 10. He writes about hardware, PC gaming and technical computing news, reports on breaking stories and closely follows the progress in processor technology.
Sobia Aleem
Tech-savvy individual that loves exploring new gadgets, games and technologies. I have a vast experience of troubleshooting Windows 7 and Android problems.
Shehryar Khan
Sheharyar is an Engineer by profession and a technology writer who loves to reveal the latest trends in technology. He thinks that writing is nothing that is confined to professions. In fact, it is something that is embedded in the soul.