XDA Labs is a great alternative to Google Play store, considering it hosts a ton of apps made by XDA developers. It hosts apps that cannot be published on Google Play, such as Magisk Manager, and it also has an Xposed module repository. Thus it’s easily the best app store for customizing and modding your Android device.

Unfortunately, XDA Labs only displays its store by “Recently updated apps”, and there is no option to filter by “most popular” or “highest rated” (trust me, I’ve suggested it to them!). Thus I thought it necessary to put together a list of the apps you must immediately download from XDA Labs.

Note: A lot of apps on XDA Labs are also available on Google Play, thus I have put together a list of apps only available on XDA Labs.

Blokada – ad blocker for apps

This is a powerful in-app ad blocker and privacy protector. It does not require a rooted device, and is extremely simple to set up. Once you turn it on, ads in your apps will simply disappear, bothering you with screen-covering banners no more!

On top of that primary feature, it also blocks tracking requests from apps, and lets you see how much of your personal information apps are trying to grab from your phone. It also has a list of hosts files you can install and configure, to fine-tune your experience.

YMusic v2

This is a great Youtube player that lets you stream audio only from Youtube videos, allowing you to save a massive amount of data if you’re playing music videos on Youtube. It also lets you download videos (or just the audio from a video) directly to your device. Finally, it comes with a variety of widgets for your home screen to control your playlists.

DownCloud – SoundCloud MP3 Downloader

Similar to the YMusic app, this one lets you stream or download MP3s from SoundCloud. It’s based on the SoundCloud API, and thus only fetches music from the SoundCloud public library, making it perfectly legal.

Magisk Manager

The ultimate app for systemlessly rooting your device, Magisk Manager allows you to enjoy all the privileges of having a rooted device, without touching your /system partition and tripping SafetyNet. Thus you can have a rooted device and still download all the SafetyNet protected apps from Google Play, like Netflix and Pokemon Go. It also has a module repository which can load a ton of useful modules, such as systemless versions of root apps that would normally require /system partition access.

MiXplorer Beta

An incredibly powerful file explorer packed with more features than you’ll find from anything on Google Play store. MiXplorer is completely themable with a range of customization options, can extract and create a huge list of archive types (7z, TAR, TAR.GZ, etc), and really just too many other features to list. If you use apps like ES File Explorer or Root Explorer, give MiXplorer a try and you’ll be one of the hundreds of people leaving five-star reviews on its app page.


Are there any other must have apps not available on Google Play store? Recommend them in the comment section!