RotoVR has released a new launch trailer that shows off their simulation chair in action. Their Virtual Reality Chair, which opened for pre-order back in May, has only been an image for months now, with graphic simulations drawn up to get people excited.

The new trailer, however, shows the real product working as a woman plays a virtual reality game, surrounded by 3D computer renderings. The rotating chair is designed to make the user feel like they’re actually experiencing a game, whether it’s a shooter, a racing game or a flight simulator.

The trailer particularly shows off how effective the chair can be in recreating the experience of driving. It also makes it clear that users can explore 360 degrees of their environment without any cables getting tangled, and enjoy a RotoVR HeadTracker that keeps the user oriented.

The Roto VR Table accessory can also be used along with the Roto VR Touch Pedals, to simulate walking. It is also compatible with major HMDs, like Oculus VR, PlayStation. Samsung and Google Cardboard. This means you’ll be able to kit out your VR setup regardless of the platform you use.

If you’d like to pick up the chair, you can pre-order it for $499. Once it reaches general sale, it’ll cost $699. Delivery is expected to be in January 2017.

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