A video is showing that early adopters of the 2016 MacBook Pro are seeing major GPU glitches on their machines. 9to5Mac is reporting that one of its writers, called Jordan, began noticing ‘tearing’ on his MacBook. This is when the desktop background can be seen through a window or application, and colors appear to ‘tear’ across the screen.

Other people are also experienced red and black bars appearing on the screen, as well as images becoming stuck and crashing, without any ability to recover.

Some people are also complaining about problems with Adobe. Specifically, users are reporting problems when they use Adobe software like Premiere Pro and the Media Encoder.

Right now, it’s too early to see how large the scale of the problem is, but there are plenty of people reporting the issue. 9to5Mac, which reported on the issue, is explaining that at this point it is possible these claims are just the kind of errors you would expect from any new product – but that it is equally possible this is a widespread issue on the 15” MacBook Pro with the integrated GPUs.

For more information, or to follow the problem and see the polls being taken, head over to 9to5Mac.

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