At CES 2018, we saw Vivo launching the world’s first phone with a fingerprint scanner that has been built into the display.

There is no home button breaking up your screen space, and you no longer need to fumble for a reader on the phone’s back. All you need to do is press the finger you want to register on the phone screen in the place where the home button would be. The screen would register the fingerprint digit, spinning up a spider web of the blue pattern.

Vivo Screen Fingerprint Scanner

This simple yet elegant feature of having a home button only when you need to unlock your phone will be quite popular among the users, and it seems that it will be the most popular trend in mobile phones this year, starting with the high-end devices such as the rumoured Samsung Galaxy S9.

This all-new feature is now present in the pre-production model by Chinese phone maker Vivo. This device still does not have an official name, price and sale date.

For all the phone enthusiasts out there, the best and the most exciting news is that this technology exists, and it works. This technology was rumoured to be launched in iPhone X and also in Samsung Galaxy S8, but none of the company has yet launched it. We are really impressed by Vivo and wish the company keeps bring new technology for all technology enthusiasts to enjoy.

Working of the in-display fingerprint reader

The fingerprint sensor has been made by the sensor company Synaptics, and it has been installed beneath the 6-inch OLED display, and that is the screen that you are actually looking at beneath the cover glass.

When your fingertip hits the target, the sensor array automatically turns on the display to light your finger. The image of your print goes on to make its way to an optical image sensor that is present beneath the display. This is then run through AI processor that is trained to recognize 300 different characteristics of your fingerprint digits. It can even read the closeness of the ridges of your finger. It is a complete new and different technology, compared to the ones, which is used in the current phones, available in the market.

The Sensor Company Synaptics, which has demoed the Vivo phone in a crowded booth, goes on to inform us that the fingerprint reader will not use a lot of battery. They promise that the power management is similar to the one, found by other mobile phones available in the market.

The new technology costs more in the making, and hence, it will be available first in the premium phones, and then make its way to lower end budgeted phone.

Yes, Vivo is the first phone, which was made available in the market with this new technology, however, it is just the beginning, and we are waiting to see new and more advanced technology this year. Cheers to a new beginning.

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